Sunday, February 7, 2010

Top 10 toddler toys

Having the right toys is essential to a toddler's physical, intellectual and emotional development. Having a small head start over other toddlers at this very young age can result in a large advantage in later life. In on this page we will talk about what to look for in a toddler toy. At the bottom of the article you will also find links to toddler toys that are highly recommended.
Toddlers have a much more energy than older kids do and they have a definite predisposition towards being more inquisitive. For a toy to really 'work', it must capture and keep a toddler's attention for some time. This is why many noisy and brightly colored toys are some of the most successful with toddlers. These characteristics are good at grabbing a toddler's attention. To keep that attention it needs to stimulate an infant's motor skills, creativity , imagination, intellect etc.

Here are some guidelines to help you pick the top 10 toys for toddlers:

The correct toys for kids are the ones that build on their creativity, physical strength, intelligence and other skills necessary to ensure their successful development. In deciding parents should have to look for a few specific characteristics, such as:
1. The age appropriateness of the toy. This will generally be printed on the box or given on the web site where you buy the gift. Picking toys that are for older kids will just frustrate toddlers. While baby toys will bore them.
2. Toys which promote creativity, such as building blocks, coloring books etc. Playthings that pertain to music, crafts and the arts help to boost their creativity. Don't be scared to join in to show them just how much fun these activities are.
3. Playthings which appeal to an infant's personal taste. Some kids love building or creative drawing , while others love outdoor activities.
4. Toys that improve communication skills for instance talking dolls.
5. Toys that develop motor and physical skills like sports toys.
6. Consider simpler toys. Regularly the simpler toys are simpler for toddlers to use and more enjoyable.
7. Make sure the toys are safe to play with. Toys for older children can often pose a top 10 toddler toys choking risk to toddlers.

Keeping all of the above in mind, I would recommend you try to link the toy to your child's personal preferences. Look for toys that will appeal to your child while at the same time having the greatest benefit to them.

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